Image (Pre-image) Homomorfisme Interior Subgrup Fuzzy


  • Saman Abdurrahman Universitas Lambung Mangkurat



Image, pre-image, interior subgrup, interior subgrup fuzzy, homomorfisma grup


Dalam makalah ini, akan diperkenalkan notasi image (pre-image) di bawah homomorfisma grup, dan akan dibuktikan image (pre-image) interior subgrup fuzzy (interior subgrup) di bawah homomorfisma grup selalu interior subgrup fuzzy (interior subgrup).

[In this paper, we will introduce the image (pre-image) under the group homomorphism, and we will prove the image (pre-image) of the interior of the fuzzy subgroup (the interior of the subgroup) under the group homomorphism is always the interior of the fuzzy subgroup (the interior of the subgroup).]


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Author Biography

Saman Abdurrahman, Universitas Lambung Mangkurat

Program Studi Matematika FMIPA


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